Who we are and what makes us tick

3rd December 2020

HAVE you heard about us yet? ?

Probably not, but today you are going to find out. Our first post is meant to give you insights into our team, why we are running this project and more. So grab your coffee and read along.

First things first, who are we? ?

We are a small team with different backgrounds and skills but driven by a common passion – to make the world a better place. A few regular folks from various fields including tech, marketing, business and charities to meet this common goal.

And yes, we know you hear this often, “make the world a better place”, maybe so often that you don’t want to hear it anymore. But we think it’s important to hear it from time to time, as a gentle reminder that it’s our responsibility to make this happen, with small daily actions that snowball into something bigger.

Now that you know who we are, let’s talk about why we do what we do. ?

Our purpose is to raise awareness of charities from around the world, helping them spread their message and social causes so they can reach more people and inspire them to get involved. It sounds like a big goal, and it is indeed. And every big goal brings with it a lot of responsibility and hard work, but what is more important than that?!

For us, this is absolutely a worthwhile goal, with a high ROI. But not the type of return that gets business people excited, it is an emotional return on investment, the satisfaction at the end of the day when you know that you HAVE helped a cause. Some people call it happiness, and it might just be that. We think there comes a time in our lives, when we realise that materialistic things are overrated, a point where we realise we have enough stuff, and we start asking ourselves the bigger questions. This is our “why”, the thing that drives us ahead and gives us the strength to overcome challenges. Everyone in our team supports charitable causes, through donations, fundraising and volunteering because we asked ourselves those big questions and realised we want to be part of the community that gives something back.

Having the “why” set in place, you might ask yourself: “okay, how are you going to do that?” ?

Half of our revenue is going to be redirected to charities that operate around the world. This is even more important today, as Covid-19’s impact on charities has created a multi-billion pound/dollar donation gap which is estimated to bring 1-in-10 on the brink of bankruptcy and the rest of them facing unprecedented financial challenges.
Our plan is to support charities not just today but also in a post Covid world, by spreading their message through our apps, games and social channels and keeping the same percentage of revenue donated to them, on top of helping them raise donations from users directly.

This is our “how”, our strategy to accomplish the “why” we talked about earlier. ?

Moving along, our “what” is the product of our work, more specifically, what we are delivering to the world. At HAVE, we produce a series of mobile apps and games that are fun, simple and intuitive, which directly link to social causes affecting all those around us. And while the final product is important, our main focus will always be how else can we deliver on our “why”, to make the world a better place.

As our first blog post, we wanted to give a better understanding of what we do here at HAVE, the team behind and our motivations. Words have to be doubled down by actions, so stay with us as we are going to continuously update you with ongoing results, interesting insights and news from the industry.

And to reinforce our mission and values, we took some time to create this. You know, images are more appealing.

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